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I am passionate about life stories/histories, whether coaching, editing or writing them.  Let me help you find your voice!

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Kay Clark Uhles is an editor, consultant, writer, and coach. As a writing consultant and editor, Kay works primarily with new authors, her compassion for which stems from experiences in teaching and college administration. She assists her clients in finding and expressing their individual voices.

As a writer Kay is passionate about recording memoirs, biographies, and life stories in each subject's voice is preserved for generations. In 2008, Kay created "Journey Memoirs" through which she writes and holds workshops where sacred stories, fairy-tale diaries, or other written works are created.  In 2009, she completed a memoir, MJSM, Before 1925 through 1947, for private distribution.

Taking time out from writing, Kay became a, administrator for a local community college.  In 2020, Kay served as writing coach, editor, and  contributing author in two best-selling anthologies:  Fearless & Fabulous: Finding Your Way through Change and Beyond and Bright Spots: Motivation and Inspiration to Light Your Path in a Changing World.  Kay is excited to announce the November 2020 release of her first solo book, Parts, Pieces, & Particulars: A Primer for Single Moms Raising Boys and Single Dads Raising Girls.

Kay has an M.Ed. from Colorado State University in adult education and training, and a B.S. from Southern Illinois University in communication with minors in creative writing and sociology. When Kay is not editing, coaching, or writing, she is spending time with family, traveling, playing golf, or enjoying a sunrise or sunset.


Working with Kay was effortless! She was so helpful guiding me through the editing process.

She had many wonderful suggestions to help me with my content, and was very patient with me through the entire process. I definitely hire her again!

~ Danelle Brown, Queen Bee Consulting

I was thrilled and terrified to be asked to write a chapter in a new anthology, Fearless & Fabulous, Finding Your Way through Midlife and Beyond.  I was given the opportunity to work with a writing coach, Kay Clark-Uhles. Kay took the time to listen and calm my nerves.  With Kay's guidance, I finished my chapter that authentically tells MY story. 

~ Jules Karagiannis, Espresso Yourself Coffee & Café

Knowing Kay was in my corner in creating my chapter was so reassuring.  As this was my first opportunity to publish something, I was nervous.  She guided me adeptly with word and phrase suggestions to better get my ideas across.  Invaluable!  I appreciate her expertise.  Thank you, Kay!

~ Christine Melton, Purely by Heart Designs

Kay added much more to Repurposed Life than punctuation and grammatical edits.  Her coaching and direction allowed me to focus on the book’s content from the reader’s point of view which improved the flow and cohesiveness of the story line.  Kay is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to our next project together. 

~Lyn Morris, Author Repurposed Life

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with others about Kay Clark-Uhles.  She served as editor and writing coach with the contributing authors for "Fearless and Fabulous: Finding Your Way through Change and Beyond."  She was diligent and thorough as an editor and great as a writing coach, strategically nudging me to revisit and refine while cheering me on.  She is great as both an editor and coach!

~Therisia “Trish” Hall, M.Div., Center for Spiritual Living Metro

I am a new author writing my first book called ESP (Easy Sales Process): 7-Step to Sales Success and was introduced by a colleague to Kay Clark-Uhles, to help me flush out the book and edit it with a fast approaching deadline. Kay helped pull out my story while helping me keep me on task.

Kay is a rock star with helping organize authors' thoughts, creating a clear outline, and editing the chapters quickly and efficiently. Finally, Kay made the entire experience fun and easy. What more could you ask for in a coach/editor?

Connie Whitman, MBA



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The paperback is NOW available.

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