The view from my window in Florida creates a natural setting for reflection. Enjoying this view (unlike that in Colorado where I currently live), I think about the downside of the coronavirus—that is, the chaos and hardships of front-line workers, the grief of those who have lost loved ones, and the isolation, extra time, loneliness, domestic abuse, and/or boredom those of us at home face every day.  But then I question: Do the changes most of us see in today’s world reflect chaos or a new order?

Remember the butterfly effect?  Does a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas weeks later?  I wonder, was the normalcy which we knew and lived before the pandemic really a state of chaos—i.e., wars, arms races, political discord, increasing traffic, global warming, et cetera—created by the minutiae of incremental changes the world had experienced over millennia: the flapping of the wings of humanity as we lifted off the ground to the perceived highest and best technological advances and dominion over all things different?  Maybe our current state of quarantine is the new order of the world, a return to a simpler, kinder, more loving and tolerant humanity.

What order can we take from our pandemic experiences?  Virginia Woolf said, “Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.”  Whether you journal daily, write creative stories, paint, build, make puppy dogs out of hand towels, or arrange bed pillows differently every day, I encourage you to create during this time of coronavirus protocols.  Creativity is powerful.  You may be surprised at what order you may find in the chaos of the new order in which we now live.

Stay tuned for the first step in starting your coronavirus stories.  Sorry, I cannot help you in arranging bed pillows differently every day, but I can recommend you to an expert.