It occurred to me this week that we were put in a timeout when Covid-19 began spreading throughout the world. With stay-home directives in effect, many have learned to adapt to school-at-home or work-at-home weeks.  Being retired and not on the frontlines fighting this virus, I have slowed down more to smell the roses, to appreciate things that are important to me; i.e., family, friends, and creativity. I have been relegated to my back patio and porch this spring to take a slower, less hectic and chaotic, view of the world. I have resumed meditating daily, listening to and watching the birds each morning, imagining the depths of space from the perspective at which I stand (or sit on my patio).  From that perspective, I can’t help but wonder: Will the world’s medical community heal humanity from the coronavirus or will the coronavirus heal the world from humanity?

Looking down on Earth from the depths of space, there are no borders, no walls, no lines drawn in the sand. From Covid’s point of view, there are no borders, no walls, no hesitation to cross human-made lines in the sand; there is no divisiveness. Are we healing the virus or is the virus healing us?

Since the spread of Covid 19, traffic has decreased. Air traffic has declined. Industries have shut down. Denver’s skyline is visible now for miles rather than being steeped in a pool of smog. Wildlife in Colorado and elsewhere have reclaimed habitat over which humans, just weeks ago, traveled.  Lakes and streams are clearing up, even sparkling, because of a lack of visitors.

The coronavirus spreads to people around the world, indiscriminately, recognizing no boundaries, no borders, and no walls. It spreads over one Earth.

Are we healing the virus or will the virus heal us?