From the first time I stepped on an airplane at twenty-five years old, I have been somewhat afraid of flying. But I vowed back then that my fear would not keep me in one place on the ground with no experiences.

This past week, in the midst of the coronavirus, I traveled from Colorado to Florida via air. Don’t worry. I took many precautions myself; most passengers wore masks and sat rows apart.

Air travel has always provided a time of reflection for me. As I look out on the earth, my life comes into perspective and I question my journey, my purpose. At 35,000 feet, I am faced with the fact that there is much, much abundance, prosperity, and creativity in the world—so much so that I believe that my desires and dreams, my purpose, must certainly be possible to manifest in my lifetime.

Since the quarantine days began, I have had more time to read. The book holding my interest at this point is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. In the book, Dispenza describes the process of changing mind/brain/thinking in order to signal cells to “shape and mold your brain and body into a new expression” (pg 82). It’s not that I want to change me; I want to change and accept a role in life that I have always dreamed of and have always denied myself of. That of a writer. (And yes, Mom, sometimes even writers finish sentences with prepositions!)

Up until about a month ago, I had been holding down part-time, independent contractor jobs which did not speak “writer” to me or the Universe; that is, I was not acting the part I desired to play into the future. However, recently, I have quit two of those positions in order to create space for my passion, that of writing life stories, personal histories, memoirs.

I was raised believing that to quit a sure thing, no matter how much more you wanted in life, was not a wise decision. After all, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Right?


Today, I live by my new belief—the belief that two birds in the bush can be more satisfying, more empowering, more “purpose”-ful than a bird in the hand.

Are you grasping to a “bird in the hand” in lieu of going after two in the bush?