Last week I was appalled, speechless in fact, by the riots and looting of protesters and the violent reactions of police to peaceful marches, following the death of George Floyd.   Last week, I did not write a full blog because I could not get out of my head and beyond the negativity I felt over the circumstances.   I did not want to write from that mind-set.

Through this past week, I have come to terms with my emotions once again—thankfully!   Instead of feeling anger, sadness, negativity, about the actions of some protesters and some police over the killing of Mr. Floyd, within the backdrop of the coronavirus no less, I am now simply, but powerfully, practicing love.

This week I have been reminded many times of Love.   One such reminder was a quote by L. R. Knost posted by a friend on FaceBook: “Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.  All things break.  And all things can be mended.  Not with time, as they say, but with intention.  So go.  Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.  The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.”

We are all light and capable of holding love in our hearts, spreading love throughout the world, healing the world of the scourge of Covid 19 and hate.   I choose to live from that love.

Another quote which I found profound is by Eckhart Tolle, from his book The Power of Now, which states that we have three choices in any moment, (1) to walk away, (2) to work to change it, (3) or to accept it fully.   Through psychology we know that suffering is a result of resistance to pain and that suffering is always optional.   By accepting what is, we let go of the resistance and, therefore, the suffering.

The events of 2020 have caused great pain to many, no doubt.   And when we remember that love is all there is and that we can choose love, along with the acceptance of what is, we are comforted; we are able to face each day without mentally writhing in agony, fear, and anguish.

I accept fully what is occurring in the world and I hold love for all those affected by the recent happenings.   I hold love for all of humanity and the Earth.  Today, I am thankful for the peaceful marches and sit-ins performed by the protesters and the “hands-off” stance of law enforcement.   I am also thankful for the reminders and the messages of love I received this week.   I am grateful for the healing of the world.   And yes, you could probably say I’m even grateful for social media—this week.