Yesterday, in spite of the Coronavirus and Covid 19, I looked out my window onto a good earth. No doubt, though, the energy has changed over the last month, maybe longer. The images of shadows dancing under the trees still depict joy; but the horror of the recent events creates a surrealness that veils the sense of normalcy.

Many years ago, I sat in a spirituality class. We talked of this very thing; i.e., how something big would happen to change the world forever, to bring good hidden beneath the horror. I choose to believe that to this day; that the world will be changed for the good as a result of the Coronavirus and Covid 19. I do not profess to know what that “good” looks like—perhaps more love for our family and neighbors, perhaps a kinder humanity, perhaps a global perspective as we watch this disease run its course throughout the Earth, not discriminating, not sparing one inch of our world.

I understand that the good behind a disaster such as this would probably be hard to see for those who have lost loved ones. Their pain and suffering is undeniable. The tragedy of losing someone close to me has not occurred, only acquaintances of mine have been personally touched. I don’t pretend to understand their sorrow when told they cannot be with their loved one during their final days or they can’t hold a celebration of life or mourn with surviving loved ones until who knows when in the future. I have a deep compassion and empathy for them.

It’s cloudy and rainy today. Outside my window appears dark and gloomy. Appropriately so, as somewhere in the world the death toll will probably eclipse that of yesterday and the day before. But I still choose to see a good Earth, one that will recover better and stronger than before. My hope is that it is one of more love for all.