I continue to reflect on the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders that came upon us in March; that is, I reflect on what I’ve learned, how I’ve changed. When I first started this blog at about that time, I remember the eerie surreal feeling the mornings held on my patio: The sun still came up, but a fog seemed to hang through the sunlight. The trees loomed greater in the backdrop of the Colorado sky; birds’ songs were more intrusive; grasses teemed with small bugs looking for comfort or food or both. I’ve learned to be more observant.

I’ve learned to care for myself and the well-being of the world in more demonstrative ways. I’ve learned to take note of my emotions, to know when I need something.

In the past three weeks we have covered the beginnings of memoir-writing. I hope that you are well on your way—or at least are considering the possibility of writing your story. There is so much material to draw from during a pandemic.

Remember, we are not writing an autobiography, which would include your life as a whole. We are simply writing one aspect, one theme, one event of your life. Also remember, that a memoir is a recounting of your truth of the situation. Write from our own memories. That said, it might be helpful to talk with a family member or friend who might remember details of the event; but in the end, your memoir is your factual memory.

A memoir knits together experiences, memories, and influencers to create a whole, a theme, a picture from which you and others can identify your true self. Passing down a legacy of values, insights, beliefs, is part of the allure of memoirs. Perhaps from your experiences you have gained a reward; i.e., financial security, acceptance, happiness, health, faith, relationship or myriad of other lessons. Be sure to tell those lessons from which others could learn.

If you have pinpointed an event, a story, carry on. If not, then this week write about a lesson or lessons you’ve learned by living, surviving the pandemic.

Always feel free to share it with me. I’d love to read your story!!