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It's my passion to teach and assist new authors with telling their stories and writing their memoirs. I also enjoy the process of editing their books.



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Kay Clark-Uhles is an editor, writing coach, and writer. As a writing coach and editor, Kay works primarily with new authors, her compassion for which stems from experiences in teaching and motivational interviewing. She assists her clients in finding and expressing their individual voices.

As a writer Kay is passionate about recording memoirs, biographies, and life stories to be preserved for generations. In 2008, Kay created "Journey Memoirs" through which she writes and holds workshops where sacred stories, fairy-tale diaries, or other works are created. Kay is a contributing author of Fearless & Fabulous: Finding Your Way through Midlife and Beyond, and is excited about the release of her first book, Parts, Pieces, & Particulars: A Primer for Single Moms Raising Boys and Single Dads Raising Girls, coming later in 2020.

Kay has a B.S. from Southern Illinois University in communication with a minor in creative writing and a M.Ed. from Colorado State University in adult education and training. When Kay is not editing, coaching, or writing, she is spending time with family, traveling, playing golf, or enjoying a sunrise or sunset.

FEARLESS and fabulous



I've contributed a chapter to FEARLESS and fabulous: FINDING YOUR WAY THROUGH MIDLIFE AND BEYOND.

The book will be available on Amazon on April 28.


Blog will return September 2021

By Kay Clark-Uhles

Blog is delayed until next month and computer behaves itself.  In the meantime, please enjoy this original fairy tale: THE PRINCESS, THE TIME TRAVELER, AND THE TOAD Kay Clark Uhles March 2019 Once upon a time in a far-away magical forest, in a far-away time, there lived a beautiful princess who wished to meet an…

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Writing in Threes – July 2, 2021

By Kay Clark-Uhles

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I believe that everyone has a story (multiple) to tell. You also know I believe that generations want and need to know the stories of their predecessors. Although one of my uncles wrote about our family tree—complete with locations, births, marriages, children, occupations, and deaths—my…

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Writing: Good as Aged Whiskey – June 2, 2021

By Kay Clark-Uhles

Last month, I wrote about how undead passive verbs kill storytelling and how active verbs pump life and energy into writing. What I didn’t say—Rules of interesting story narration begin there, with the use of active verbs. What is the second rule of good narratives? The elimination of most adverbs and some adjectives. Adverbs modify,…

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Writing the Undead – May 1, 2021

By Kay Clark-Uhles

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms “active” and “passive” voice, right? Even if the last time you heard it was in your freshman year of high school. Professors, literary critics, and editors harp on the use of active over passive voice. Why? Because passive voice kills the energy of a sentence. The sentence is dead.…

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Unprocrastinating – April 5, 2021

By Kay Clark-Uhles

I would start writing, but I still have 157 minutes of procrastinating to go. –Kimberly Laurel thetrustybookmark.com Sound familiar? It does to me, too. I procrastinated for decades, always telling myself I didn’t have the time or I wasn’t good enough or my story wasn’t interesting enough or I’d never get a book published. So…

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The Creative Process at Work – March 5, 2021

By Kay Clark-Uhles

Have you ever wondered about the creative process? Okay. Well, maybe not. But I do. And it helps me to process on the processes. So, that’s the topic for today’s blog. I invite you to join me as I reflect on creative development. The Creative Process Stage 1: The Groundwork-Inspiration/Motivation Phase Let’s begin with preparation,…

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“This Life Isn’t Bad for a First Draft” – February 2, 2021

By Kay Clark-Uhles

And there it is! Life is a rough draft! You’re experienced in rough drafts, so why not write a rough draft of your stories? I have a friend who recently lost a parent. In a post from her experience, she encouraged parents to leave memories, stating that children love mementos and enjoy reading their parents’…

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Love the Doing, Not the Money – January 8, 2021

By Kay Clark-Uhles

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you. – Maya Angelou This quote by one of my favorite authors touches my heart. As a single parent…

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Working with Kay was effortless! She was so helpful guiding me through the editing process. She had many wonderful suggestions to help me with my content, and was very patient with me through the entire process. I definitely hire her again!

~ Danelle Brown, Queen Bee Consulting

I was thrilled and terrified to be asked to write a chapter in a new anthology, Fearless & Fabulous, Finding Your Way through Midlife and Beyond.  I was given the opportunity to work with a writing coach, Kay Clark-Uhles. Kay took the time to listen and calm my nerves.  With Kay's guidance, I finished my chapter that authentically tells MY story. 

~ Jules Karagiannis, Owner & Chief Happiness Junkie #1, Espresso Yourself Coffee & Café

Knowing Kay was in my corner in creating my chapter was so reassuring.  As this was my first opportunity to publish something, I was nervous.  She guided me adeptly with word and phrase suggestions to better get my ideas across.  Invaluable!  I appreciate her expertise.  Thank you, Kay!

~ Christine Melton, Purely by Heart Designs

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